by Gohma

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We are seeking perfection
A gift to make things possible
Though our lights are dim
We are filtered. We suffocate ourselves. But we are more than capable

Can you hear me

In the perspective of hundreds of Americans
Our leader is nothing but a movie start
He force feeds us fiction
We need to pause and restart

The jokes on you
How could you be so easily fooled
We've got to see this through
The time has come to cease the moment

The more we motivate our people to believe
The more we contribute to humanities disease
We the species
Gradually sinking
What the fuck are we thinking

What the fuck have we become

Pay to live
Listen to demands
We will put our faith in anything
still complain
When We say were doing all we fucking can
Sore excuses
This is getting out of hand
There's always a fight
Mankinds premeditated suicide

How can we be so easily distracted
We believe the TV and word of mouth. We believe books and social media
We should be more concerned with the man in the suit
And the family were bound to lose
How could we so easily fooled

Drastic things are soon to happen
Were hand making our own casket
And digging an earth sized hole
Youth will cease to grow old
Freedom isn't free however extinction were already sold

Countless things

Are kept from us

Crushing under this mass community we are the
Servants to a misguiding simulation a chain of power ranking no greater than equal

Were smothered by our native terrorists
our city's growing shoulder to shoulder
Our expectation meets a higher limit
We've muzzled our chances to expand

We've our chances to expand


released February 16, 2014



all rights reserved


Gohma Tecumseh, Oklahoma

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